Sunday, May 13, 2007


For what it's worth, I'm using "Inner Toob" today as an open forum so that my friend Mark can air his grievance against the National Geographic Channel:

My name is Mark Thompson, and I felt compelled to write after watching last night's episode 'Violent Earth'. This show must be edited or withdrawn completely - your lack of an update for hurricane Katrina makes light of a national tragedy and shows contempt for the dead. How an organization such as yours could let that show go on without redaction is truly baffling! As the announcers says that the worst hurricane was 'Ivan' and that New Orleans has been spared again and again.

What's next? An engineering program marvelling at the World Trade Center and how the twin towers rise tall and proud? Come on, NGC! This one wasn't even in the ballpark. I never write a letter like this (and I feel actually odd saying this) but shame on you!

Mark Thompson
New York, NY

I didn't see the program, so I can't say if it was presented with historical context or not - as would be the case if somebody re-broadcast Jackie Kennedy's tour of the White House or the "NBC White Paper" on the Berlin Wall. But this does sound like it was a case of tossing something on the air without checking to see if it needed updating.

Mark says it was on at 3 am last night, so they probably figured "why bother?"

It's not like a lot of people watch them during normal viewing time.....

Toby OB

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