Wednesday, April 11, 2007


On April 20th, the televersion of 'The View' will be seen in an episode of 'One Life To Live'. Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck will be seen on their set talking with ex-major league ball-player Tate Harmon about his new career - that of an underwear model.

Suddenly, Tate Harmon is going to go all "Cruise Missile" ballistic in an exuberant display of his infatuation with Adrian Cramer. I'm not sure if this means he'll be jumping on the couch; you'll have to tune in that day to see for yourselves.

'The View' has been seen in TV shows before, and in several different TV dimensions, at that. Not all of the participants on the show have appeared, just as with the actual show itself. But Joy Behar seems to be the constant among the regulars. (But Baba Wawa has never appeared in any of the live-action shows.)

In Earth Prime-Time, Erika Kane appeared on 'The View' during an episode of 'All My Children' with Joy, Elizabeth, Meredith Viera, and Star Jones. Also appearing in that episode as themselves were Clay Aiken, Cheyenne Jackson, and Regis Philbin.

Joy, Star, Meredith, and Lisa Ling once welcomed 'Bette' Midler as a guest on their show in an episode of the Divine Miss M's sitcom.

Sportscaster Casey McCall of 'Sports Night' (the title of both the actual series and the show within the show) chatted with Joy, Meredith, Star, and Debbie Matenopoulos on their program. Because of that conversation, he realized he should salute the "little people" of his show who make him look so good on the air with little recognition otherwise.

And although the show itself wasn't seen, we know other citizens of Toobworld watch 'The View'. Brock mentioned once that he could have picked up a romantic suggestion made by 'Reba' just by watching the show. And Dr. Romano tried to intercede when two women wanted to go at it in the 'ER' by saying that if he wanted to watch a catfight, he'd just tune in to 'The View'.

They watch the show over in the Tooniverse as well - Peter Griffin, the 'Family Guy', is an avid fan. In fact, his baby son Stewie once appeared on 'The View' when the co-hosts began fighting over a cheesecake. (This may have been an apocryphal fantasy.) He later caught another episode on TV where the girls did nothing but cluck like chickens.

Over in the sketch comedy dimension. the favorite past-time for the co-hosts would be to make Debbie get in a sack with some wild creature - a rabid raccoon for instance (as seen on 'Saturday Night Live').

And then there was the time alternate versions of Joy, Meredith, Star, and Lisa were seen doing their show on 'Spin City', which has to take place in a different Toobworld because their mayor of New York City was Randall Winston. 'Spin City' has to be removed from the Main Toobworld because it took place at a time when Rudy Giuliani had to be the mayor not only in the Real World but also in Toobworld (as established on such shows as 'Seinfeld' and 'Mad About You').

Not a bad resume for this chatfest that's been around for almost a decade.

Once again, check out 'One Life To Live' on April 20th if you want to see 'The View' make a reappearance in Toobworld.


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