Sunday, April 8, 2007


Over the past few years, I've contributed a lot of fictional cereal sightings from TV shows to Topher's Breakfast Castle website. (You can find the link, as you can probably guess, to the left.)

But it wasn't until today when I thought to look through his list that I realized that two of my contributions actually linked two TV shows together!

Here's the reports from Topher's site:

Fruity Puffs

In a flashback to 1985, the main character of USA Network's 'Psyche' (Shawn Spencer) is upset that his box of Fruity Puffs didn't contain the promised magic decoder ring, so he wanted his policeman father to haul in the cereal people for questioning.

'Men In Trees'
An episode of ABC-TV's 'Men In Trees' had boxes of Fruity Puffs and Rice Critters on display at the Elmo, Alaska, general store. The Fruity Puffs came into play when Anne Heche used a box to hide her face from other shoppers as she talked with the game warden.

The last time I had fictional breakfast cereals linking two TV series, it was an oddly painted box with a black dot in the upper corner seen in an episode of 'My Favorite Martian' and in another one from 'The Courtship Of Eddie's Father'.

What made that interesting (slightly) outside of the Toobworld reality was that both shows starred Bill Bixby.


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Anonymous said...

Here's another TV show to add to that group to make it a trifecta:

"My Family"
Waiting To Inhale
Episode: #27, 28 minutes

Ben is shaving, Michael has been sent in for a talk by Susan. Michael pretends he has a huge thing for his maths teacher, Ben cuts himself to ribbons. It turns out she is 82. Abi is doing table art with Fruity puffs. Michael tells them he is going to Bex's house to "study" after school. Susan does not approve. Ben does!

Ever see "My Family" on BBC America? Pretty funny sitcom, kinda trad. Robert Lindsay and Zoe Wanamaker star.