Saturday, April 14, 2007


I urged my brother to check out the Friday night marathon for 'The Riches' on FX this week. So I got back from work this morning to find this email waiting for me.....

Subj: ok, you bastard.
From: Bill
To: Toby

i started watching The Riches tonight, by chance, and hit the marathon at the very start.

you will die horribly for getting me addicted again to a TV show. may you rot in a hell with No TV.

yeah, it's an excellent show. bleeper.

thank GOD it just ended. at 2 a.m. time for bed.

you know, this FX has churned out some amazing stuff... Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, Sunny Side, and now this. And, they recognize the fact that no one is tied to a normal primetime viewing regimen anymore, that you can log on any time and anywhere to get news you normally couldn't get till 6 o'clock at night, or on your doorstep in the morning... So they're pretty damn smart to show these little mini-marathons for the too-lazy-to-program-your VCR or TiVo crowd.

Bill falls into that category.

He also didn't use the word "Bleeper"......

What the hell. He needed something to fill the void left by 'Rome'!


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