Friday, February 16, 2007


There will be a third spin-off from the soap opera 'General Hospital' which airs on ABC. Only this time, the show will air on SoapNet. (Both are owned by Disney.)

'General Hospital: Night Shift' will be the first original scripted drama to be aired by the soap-focused cabler, and it will focus on the lives of those who work the night shift at the hospital.

As I mentioned, this will be the third spin-off from 'General Hospital'. Most people will probably know about 'Port Charles' which ran from 1997 until 2003.

But there was also a show called 'The Young Marrieds', which debuted in 1964 and ran for two years. It was a soap about the marital problems of several young couples who lived in Port Charles. (Among the cast were Charles Grodin, Lee Meriweather, and Ted Knight.)

'General Hospital: Night Shift' will launch with a special episode shown on 'General Hospital'. (I haven't heard yet as to when this may happen.)


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