Saturday, February 17, 2007


'Lost' ended with a jaw-dropping kick in the head with the revelation that Desmond has foreseen Charlie's death. And no matter how often Desmond tries to prevent it, the Universe will find some way around his efforts and Charlie's going to die, bruthah.

I've seen a lot of comments in various 'Lost' forums about how Charlie survived getting hanged by Ethan in the first season. But I think the attempts to kill him off go back even further.

First there's the doomed flight of Oceanic 815. Remember, Charlie was not sitting in his assigned seat, having just gone to the bathroom to do a "bump". It might have been interesting to see what his original seat looked like after the crash.

And then there's that classic bit from the pilot episode where he's just standing there on the beach and a large chunk of burning metal crashes right behind him.

The Universe has lousy aim.

And the Universe probably had it in mind to kill him when he crawled into that cavern to rescue Jack. But for some reason, the Universe needs Jack to survive, so it had to let Charlie go then as well.

So I've got to wonder - if Sawyer hadn't killed that polar bear, do you think its first munchable would have been Charlie?

If Hurley finds out, he won't let Charlie come anywhere near him, considering the streak of bad luck visited upon the people around him.

It's no wonder Charlie had the letters of "FATE" written on his bandaged fingers.....


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