Monday, October 2, 2006


Near the end of the second episode of 'Brothers & Sisters', Sarah went to see her Uncle Saul, the financial manager of the family business, Ojai Foods. She handed him an ultimatum: they would only have six months in order to get the company's financial records back into shape (after her late father raided the pension fund). And if they were not successful, she would go to the Federal authorities to report her father's misdeeds and probably throw the company into bankruptcy.

Did anybody else get a 'Columbo' vibe at that moment? That was exactly the type of scene which launched so many episodes of Peter Falk's show. As soon as Sarah said that, the ghost of Lew Ayres flashed before my eyes!

And don't think the fact that she's his niece might stop Saul from keeping her from ever going to the Feds. Jarvis Goodland had no qualms about killing his nephew for his inheritance in "The Greenhouse Jungle"......


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