Saturday, September 2, 2006


When Tommy Gavin wanted the chance to talk to his ex-wife about getting their stories straight in the season finale of 'Rescue Me', he left his two daughters in the other room under the supervision of Lou. His oldest daughter Colleen interrupted her parents' discussion with complaints about the smell of Lou's feet and the choice of 'Big Love' as a viewing option. Tommy yelled out to Lou that there would be NO 'Big Love', so Lou made the girls watch a documentary about Hitler.

For us at home, 'Big Love' was the latest dramatic series to be found on HBO, about a polygamist in Utah with three wives.

But 'Big Love' and 'Rescue Me' should exist in the same TV dimension. So the 'Big Love' mentioned in 'Rescue Me' can't be the exact same show we watch here in the Trueniverse.

It could be a porno title, or even a game show. But it could also be a real-life movie from 2001 which starred Sam Rockwell and Mary McCormack. And whether or not it's any good, Tommy apparently hates it enough to deny his daughters from seeing it.

Later in the same episode, while having dinner with Sheila on the porch of her new beachfront home, Tommy agreed to come inside and watch 'Meerkat Manor' with her.

'Meerkat Manor' is a docu-drama series on the Animal Planet that presents footage about the lives of meerkats in such a way as to create an actual storyline - with names and personalities given to each of the little Timons.

I don't see this as any type of Zonk since it's the kind of documentary show that could exist in both the real world and Toobworld and not cause any kind of dimensional disturbance.


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