Thursday, August 31, 2006


Joseph Stefano was the producer and and one of the writers for 'The Outer Limits', probably second only to 'The Twilight Zone' among the great science fiction anthology series from the 1960s. He was responsible for three of my favorite episodes: "The Zanti Misfits", "The Galaxy Being" and "The Architects Of Fear".

He is probably better known for writing the screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Psycho". And that is mentioned here since that movie bleeds into Toobworld with Mr. Stefano's script for the TV movie "Psycho IV: The Beginning".

That movie first aired on Television in 1990, about three decades after the original movie was released in theatres, and yet it could be said that's where it all began for Norman Bates.

He also wrote an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' and wrote the pilot movie for the Bill Bixby series 'The Magician'.

The Galaxy Being (16 September 1963) - Producer
The Hundred Days of the Dragon (23 September 1963) - Producer
The Architects of Fear (30 September 1963) - Producer
The Man with the Power (7 October 1963) - Producer
The Sixth Finger (14 October 1963) - Producer
The Man Who Was Never Born (28 October 1963) - Producer
O.B.I.T. (4 November 1963) - Producer (1963-1964)
The Human Factor (11 November 1963) - Producer
It Crawled Out of the Woodwork (9 December 1963) - Writer
Tourist Attraction (23 December 1963) - Producer
The Zanti Misfits (30 December 1963) - Writer, Producer
The Mice (6 January 1964) - Writer, Producer
Don't Open Till Doomsday (20 January 1964) - Writer, Producer
ZZZZZ (27 January 1964) - Produ
The Invisibles (3 February 1964) - Writer, Producer
The Bellero Shield (10 February 1964) - Writer (story) (teleplay), Producer
The Children of Spider County (17 February 1964) - Producer
Specimen: Unknown (24 February 1964) - Producer
Second Chance (2 March 1964) - Producer (1963-1964)
Moonstone (9 March 1964) - Writer (story), Producer
The Forms of Things Unknown (4 May 1964) - Writer (writer)

"The Outer Limits" (1990s version)
- Feasibility Study (1997) TV Episode (writer)
Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990) (TV) (written by)
"Swamp Thing" (1990) TV Series (writer)
"Star Trek: The Next Generation"
- Skin of Evil (1988) TV Episode (story) (teleplay)
Snowbeast (1977) (TV) (written by)
Aloha Means Goodbye (1974) (TV)
Live Again, Die Again (1974) (TV)
The Magician (1973) (TV) (story)
Home for the Holidays (1972) (TV)
A Death of Innocence (1971) (TV)
Revenge (1971) (TV)
The Unknown (1964) (TV)
- The Young Juggler (1960) TV Episode (adaptation)
"Playhouse 90"
- Made in Japan (1959) TV Episode (story)


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