Sunday, August 27, 2006


My second anniversary as a blogger slipped right past me this week; came and went on Thursday without my noticing. And that was the day I was trapped here in Toobworld Central due to the painter taking over my long hallway, and so I spend the day blogging. I posted eleven times, my new personal best.

I could have made it an even dozen had I remembered the anniversary!

Here again as a rerun is an excerpt from my second post, which was posted on that first day of 8/24/04:

Toob's World is Toobworld
The TV Universe is my version of collecting tin foil: a minor hobby that has been growing larger than I can control!

I like to look for the type of TV trivia that can help me link various TV shows together so that eventually they're all sharing the same universe. It doesn't matter if it's a cop drama or a sitcom or a cartoon or a mini-series or a Western or a space opera or even a commercial; it's my take that everything we see on TV shares the same alternate universe.

Sure, there are a lot of obvious links - the crossovers and the spinoffs that are actually designed by the producers to help boost ratings.

But I look for thematic crossovers as well - certain situations, locations, products, and characters which can bind shows together. As I continue with this blog, I'll elaborate on that topic, as well as post what "crossovers" I've found so far this year, entrants into the Crossover Hall of Fame, and what crossovers I'd like to see.

And as you watch TV, let me know whenever you might find a possible crossover that might be of interest!


I've pretty much held true to that declaration for the last two years - it's quite a big ball of tin foil! I hope none of the Creators mind about my suppositions and theories about their characters and who else they may be related to, what else they may have done in their lives, etc.

I'm not fanficcing, honest! I'm not so much playing with their action figures as I am making sure they all can use the same sandbox for their stories.

And God willin', I hope to keep doing that for a long time to come.

Stay Tuned!


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