Thursday, September 21, 2006


Finally! A reason to watch G4!*

MGM TV has commissioned an animated series based on Mel Brooks' 1987 "Spaceballs" movie which will be shown on Comcast's G4 cable network starting in the fall of 2007.

There will be a one-hour pilot, co-written by Mel Brooks, and 13 half-hour episodes. Brooks' writing partner, Thomas Meehan, also co-wrote the movie with Brooks and the late Ronnie Graham. Meehan will supervise the writing of the 13 half-hours while Brooks will do two of the voices, President Skroob and Yogurt.

Germany's Berliner Film Companie will provide the animation.

You realize what this means, of course. The Tooniverse will now be home to animated versions of 'Star Trek', 'Star Wars', 'Stargate: SG1' and now 'Spaceballs'.

What they need now is a cartoon version of 'Babylon 5'!


*Sorry, Trekkies, but that 'Star Trek: 2.0' hurts my eyes! But I will watch the retooled 'Trek' with the new CGI.......

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