Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Variety reported that ABC is teaming up with Francis Ford Coppola to make a TV Series out of his 1974 movie 'The Conversation'. I saw this movie only the one time when it first came out and certain scenes are still vivid in my memory; very disturbing.

I think it has potential as a TV series in which the protagonist is an electronics surveillance expert. This version, whose pilot is being written by Christopher McQuarrie ("The Usual Suspects") and Erik Jendreson ("Band Of Brothers"), will be set in the present day and will find Harry Caul a master not only of audio surveillance but of digital spying as well.

Like the movie, Harry Caul is under constant surveillance himself by various agencies in the government because of a secret conversation that he taped. (Let's see, there's the Agency, the Firm, the Bureau, the Department, the Syndicate.... And those are just the vague ones.) So that will provide the overyling theme to the storyline. But there will be many self-contained stories as Caul helps people deserving of assistance.

According to Lee Goldberg, the go-to man when it comes to information and history on TV pilots, an attempt to turn 'The Conversation' into a TV show was previously made.

"Back in 1995, Oscar-winning screenwriter Ron Bass wrote a pilot based on THE CONVERSATION for NBC that starred Kyle MacLachlan in the Hackman role."

I think MacLachlan would have been great in the role. I think he still could be. And it would be nice to see him rescued from 'Desperate Housewives'. (Sorry, but I'm still bitter that 'InJustice' was canceled. David Swain was one of the best TV characters of the past year.)

Another actor who would have been perfect for the part is already tied up in another series as well - Gary Sinise of 'CSI: NY'.

The premise and execution of 'The Conversation' put me in mind of several other TV shows over the last decade:
'The Dead Zone'
'The Equalizer'
'The Net'


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wcdixon said...

I agree - The Conversation was good and could be a pretty good series...