Friday, September 22, 2006


Although there was no official version of "King Kong" in Toobworld, the Eighth Wonder Of The World had to have existed in the TV Universe.

Currently, Jeep Wrangler is running a commercial which shows two of Kong's descendants, allegedly on Skull Island. One of the giant apes picks up what looks to be a yellow-winged bug that was scurrying along the ground and tries to eat it. Eventually he puts it back on the ground, and the bug - which is really a Jeep Wrangler with two yellow surfboards on the roof - drives away into the jungle.

Skull Island exists in the comedy sketch alternate universe Skitlandia, thanks to an appearance by two of its "ambassadors" during Weekend News Update last year on 'Saturday Night Live'.

(Over in the Cineverse, the universe dealing with movies - and usually outside our venue - a reference was made to Skull Island in "SkyCaptain And The World Of Tomorrow".)

How long before some flamboyant producer decides to tempt fate and bring those two apes out of Skull Island and into a Las Vegas stage show? If so, Gil Grissom and his 'CSI' forensics team will have their hands full.

Unless of course, the apes are showcased at the Montecito in 'Las Vegas'............


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