Thursday, August 10, 2006


On this week's episode of 'Eureka' ("Alienated"), we learned who Beverly Barlow is working for - a group identified by Congressman Arnold Faraday as "The Consortium".

It could be that The Consortium could be the same as "The Majestic Consortium" (aka "The Syndicate") which was the central authority of the shadow government hounding Agent Mulder's efforts to expose the Truth on 'The X-Files'.

SCULLY: Who are you?
I'm a member of a kind of consortium. We represent certain global interests.
What kind of interests?
Interests that would be extremely threatened by the digital tape that you are no longer in possession of.
Threatened enough to murder?

As we learned in 'Dark Skies', the Majestic Project was founded in 1947 by President Truman after UFO wreckage and alien corpses were recovered near Roswell, Arizona. Apparently, the Majestic Consortium seems to be an offshoot of this initial effort.

The leaders of this Consortium were known as the "Council of Elders" and they would meet in a private club on West 46th Street in New York City (not too far then, from where I work - which is also on W. 46th.)

According to 'The X-Files', the Majestic Consortium administers several initiatives for the recovery and study of alien technology:

UFO Recovery Operations
UFO Technology
Operation Paper Clip
Delivery Systems
Black Cancer Inoculation Project.

The men who ran the "shadow government" of the Consortium were secretly allied, high-ranking government officials and wealthy businessmen like Congressman Faraday and the Well-Manicured Man, who were operating unrestrained at the highest levels of power. And they were hiding from the world an alien colonist plot to repopulate the earth, as well as their own plans and stake in that inevitable future.

(The alien takeover was to commence about the year 2012, at which time the Syndicate would have seized control through FEMA. FEMA has the power to suspend constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency. But it looks as though Hurricane Katrina may have quashed those plans.......)

To carry out murders, cover-ups, sabotage, and other dirty work, the Consortium used an unknown number of henchmen commonly referred to as the Men in Black. The Men in Black of the X-Files were merciless protectors of the conspiracy.

On 'The X-Files', prominent Men in Black agents included X, Alex Krycek, the Crew Cut Man, and Quiet Willy. But obviously not all "Men In Black" were male, as it looks like Beverly Barlow is operating as a Man In Black agent in Eureka, Oregon.

As a high-ranking member of this Consortium, Congressman Faraday's mission to Eureka was to gain access to something (which was dubbed "the artifact") stored in the top secret Section 5 of Global Dynamics. The Consortium thought at first that this artifact could be alien in origin, but Nathan Stark, who is in charge at Global Dynamics, informed Faraday that it was terrestrial in design. They just didn't know yet who created it.

Whatever it is, it could have been created by the Dharma Initiative and might have been meant for use on the island as seen in 'Lost'. But we may learn eventually on 'Eureka' what this artifact actually is, so that theory must be put on hold.

As we saw in an episode of 'The X-Files', most of the Council of Elders were killed in an ambush by a group of alien Rebels working against the eventual colonization of the Earth. However, in later episodes it became apparent that the Consortium had regrouped and had adjusted their focus on new agendas.

And it looks as though the espionage undertaken by Beverly and Faraday in 'Eureka', Oregon, is part of that new agenda.....


"When everyone is out to get you,
Paranoia is only good thinking."
Dr. Johnny Fever
'WKRP In Cincinnatti'

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