Wednesday, August 9, 2006


19 year old pop singer Jesse McCartney used to play JR Chandler on 'All My Children' until 2001. Now he's come back to Pine Valley... but not as JR. JR Chandler never left town; instead he was not only recast but also subjected to a malady dubbed by TV Guide blogger Daniel R. Coleridge as SORAS: Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, so now he's 27 years old!

So there's no chance that Jesse will feel like he's looking in a mirror should he meet JR on Sept. 12th. (He already appeared on the show yesterday.) That's the type of situation faced by the tele-versions of Brandy Norwood, Lucille Ball, Art Carney, Robin Williams, and Jackie Gleason (among others) when they met the characters they played.

This situation on 'AMC' is more like that of Larry Miller, the comic actor who appeared as himself in an episode of 'Law & Order' after two memorable appearances as a nightclub owner who murdered both of his wives.


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