Friday, July 28, 2006



Ash Morgan is the "fixer" in a gang of con artists on 'Hu$tle'. It's possible that his entry into the life of a grifter was due to something in his personal history. Perhaps there was a family member whom he wished to emulate. But I think it was a family member who drove him away and into the art of the long con.

I think it's possible that Ash is related to DCI Gene Hunt, who was on the police force in Manchester back in the early 1970s. Hunt may have been an uncle to the boy, whose brutish methods to get results may not have been confined to his police work. He may have employed those same methods to enforce the rules in his family, and not just to his own kids.

As his nephew, Ash might have rebelled against his uncle's menacing ways and used his natural talents to talk his way out of trouble with his uncle Gene.

What's especially nice about this Theory of Relateeveety, as seen from "behind the curtain", is that we don't have to employ the same old tired "Identical Cousin" ploy from 'The Patty Duke Show'. That's because these two characters, Gene Hunt and Ash Morgan, are not played by the same actor.

Instead, they are played by sibling actors: Philip Glenister plays DCI Hunt on 'Life On Mars', while Robert Glenister is Ash on 'Hu$tle'. The resemblance is there, as it should be, but not so much that it must be chalked up to that over-used cliche.

Of course, if DCI Hunt was to ever appear on 'Hu$tle', Philip Glenister would have to undergo a few hours of makeup to age him 33 years. And in that way, the resemblance would be even fainter by the point.


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