Thursday, July 27, 2006


Picked up a couple of boot DVDs my first week back from vacation.

1) "Crusader Rabbit" (Volume 1)

This includes the very first Crusader Rabbit cartoon from 1949 ("Crusader Rabbit vs. The State Of Texas").

I'm not sure if Tom DeLay made one of his first appearances in that one.....

It also has "Roman Ruined" and "No Place Like Rome".

2) "Television Rarities Of The Golden Age"

How could I resist? This includes a pilot by the infamous Ed Wood of "Plan Nine From Outer Space" reknown. It's a western called "Crossroad Avenger". I checked Lee Goldberg's book for it, but don't see it listed. It must have been that far below the radar!

Also on this disc:

'Strange Experiences' (sponsored by Airwick) - This is an anthology in the tradition of 'Thriller', 'One Step Beyond', and 'The Twilight Zone'. Or so it hopes....

'Colgate Comedy Hour' - a segment in which Abbott and Costello meet the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

'Flash Gordon and the Brain Machine' from 1963, starring Steve Holland.

'The Lost Spaceship' - "The Fifth Glacial Era". This was Italy's answer to 'Space: 1999', but I don't remember what the question was.....


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