Thursday, June 1, 2006


Stopped off at FYE to pick up a few little choice items and to check out what they had available for TV DVDs. Because next week, on my b'day, I get 20% off all purchases as a member of their Backstage Pass program.

So I didn't want to splurge this week with just a 10% discount!

But here's what I picked up:

This is a collection of "rare, lost, and strange cartoons" from between 1931 and 1971. Most of them are from before 1952 and are usually early forms of commercials to fill the time between the two features at the local cinema.

But I'm especially looking forward to that 1971 short called "Monsters Do Have Their Place". It was made for theatres, urging the patrons to vote against cable TV.


Yeah, the death of Robert Sterling, who played George Kerby on this show, spurred me to pick this up, but I would have done so eventually. 'Topper' was one of those old TV show classics that could fill the nooks and crannies in the programming schedules of local TV stations back in the sixties and always fit right in.

Plus, it was just six episodes, enough for a taste if any visitors to Toobworld Central cared to sample it. And at about five bucks, you can't beat the price.

'DINOSAURS' (The complete first and second season)
I loved this show! And it serves such an important role in the timeline for Toobworld to boot! And the search of Easter Dinosaur Eggs looks like there'll be plenty of fun to be had if I ever get tired of watching the episodes... and I don't see that ever happening!

So wait until next week for an even longer post about my birthday haul! There has to be some good to come out of that 6/6/6 date!
Like I said earlier....



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