Friday, June 2, 2006


After watching the second season premiere of 'Lost' repeated the other night on ABC, I am more convinced than before that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have everything under control and planned out for the entire season. And that includes the deaths of Ana Lucia and Libby were dictated by the plot and not by the DUI arrests of the actresses last year.

Here's the transcript of one particular scene from "Man Of Science, Man Of Faith":

[shot of Jack off by himself at the caves, Kate enters.]
KATE: So, do you believe it?
JACK: Believe what?
KATE: That everything's going to be okay?
JACK: Yeah, I do.
KATE: Kind of unlike you -- the whole glass half-full thing.
JACK: There's a glass?
KATE: You did a good thing saying what you said -- taking care of everybody and just giving them something to count on. If you weren't here, Jack... [long pause] I'm going to the hatch. I understand why you can't go. They need you here. I get it. I do. But Locke's going into that thing whether you like it or not. And if he falls and breaks his neck? Live together, die alone, right?
JACK: Right.

"Live Together, Die Alone" was the title for the two-hour season finale of the show last week......


Um... is it time for the third season yet?


Anonymous said...

Hi Toby, Season 3 ? What about Season
2 1/2 or: What do the "Lost" characters do when we are not watching them?
Take care,
Colette and Dave

Toby said...

What do the characters in any TV show do when we're not watching them, even during the commercial breaks?

Taking a dump is the easy answer, and being as lazy as I am on a lazy rainy Saturday afternoon, it's good enough for me!

Getting back to the "Lostaways", I just hope those Dharma supply drops don't stop soon. Forget about the Dharma Initiative ranch dressing; it's the toilet paper I'd want to make sure kept raining down from the skies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Toby, The answer was: They play video games and do puzzles with the writers and producers, and of course they post in the Hanso foundation net chatrooms.And of course they read "The Bad Twin."
Take care,
Dave and Colette