Thursday, June 1, 2006


We know lots of TV characters who have passed away during the course of a TV show; plenty more who are so identified with a particular actor that when the actor dies, we assume the character must be dead as well. For example, Archie Bunker. Can you picture anyone else playing that role but Carroll O'Connor? On the day O'Connor died, Archie passed away as well.

But Robert Sterling, who recently passed away at the age of 88, presented us with something completely different. Although he starred in three different series, and appeared in episodes of many more, there was one character of his in Toobworld whom we know the best. And he was never alive when we first met him!

George Kerby, along with his wife Marian (and their dog Neil), were ghosts when 'Topper' began in 1953. And as such, George Kerby will "live" forever in Toobworld, and Robert Sterling's place in TV history should last just as long.

Rest in peace, Mr. Sterling.....

"Ichabod and Me" (1961) TV Series .... Bob Major (1961-62)
"Love That Jill" (1958) TV Series .... Jack Gibson (1958)
"Topper" .... George Kerby

Beggarman, Thief (1979) (TV) .... Colonel Day
Letters from Three Lovers (1973) (TV) .... Bob
A Global Affair (1964) .... Randy Sterling

Murder, She Wrote"
- If a Body Meet a Body (1986) TV Episode .... Ben Shipley
- Tomorrows (1984) TV Episode .... Mr. Jenks
"Simon & Simon"
- The Last Time I Saw Michael (1982) TV Episode .... Michael Wells/Arthur Bristol
"Fantasy Island"
- The Beautiful Skeptic/The Lost Platoon (1982) TV Episode .... Walter Rawlin
"Love, American Style"
- Love and the Clinic/Love and the Perfect Wedding/Love and the President/Love and the Return of Raymond (1972) TV Episode .... (segment "Love and the President")
"The Bold Ones: The New Doctors"
- Dagger in the Mind (1971) TV Episode .... Marsh Freeman
"Nanny and the Professor"
- The Conversion of Brother Ben (1971) TV Episode .... Bentley Everett
"Naked City"
- Alive and Still a Second Lieutenant (1963) TV Episode .... Jason Colwell
"The Twilight Zone"
- Printer's Devil (1963) TV Episode .... Douglas
"The Alfred Hitchcock Hour"
- House Guest (1962) TV Episode .... Ray Roscoe
"The United States Steel Hour"
- The Yum Yum Girl (1960) TV Episode
"General Electric Theater"
- Adam's Apples (1960) TV Episode .... Robert Major
"Wagon Train"
- The Julia Gage Story (1957) TV Episode .... Tobe Cannon
"Cavalcade of America"
- The Widow Was Willing (1957) TV Episode
"The Ford Television Theatre"
- The Man Across the Hall (1957) TV Episode .... Hank Holloway
- The Clay Pigeon (1956) TV Episode .... Frank Darin
"Front Row Center" (1955) TV Series .... Host (1956)
"The 20th Century-Fox Hour"
- The Moneymaker (1956) TV Episode .... Steve Buchanan
"Lux Video Theatre"
- Here Comes the Groom (1956) TV Episode
- Hands Across the Table (1956) TV Episode
- Autumn Nocturne (1953) TV Episode
- Stolen Years (1951) TV Episode
- Inside Story (1951) TV Episode
"Letter to Loretta"
- Tightwad Millionaire (1956) TV Episode .... Markle
- Thin Air (1955) TV Episode .... Husband
"Studio One"
- Passage of Arms (1955) TV Episode
- The Ambassadors (1951) TV Episode
- There Was a Crooked Man (1950) TV Episode
- The Man Who Had Influence (1950) TV Episode
- The Ambassadors (1950) TV Episode
"Robert Montgomery Presents"
- Keep Your Head Up, Mr. Putnam (1953) TV Episode
- The Davidian Report (1952) TV Episode
- Candles for Theresa (1952) TV Episode
- The Lonely (1952) TV Episode
"The Gulf Playhouse"
- Scream of the Crowd (1952) TV Episode
- The Man Who Had Seven Hours (1952) TV Episode
- The Door's on the Thirteenth Floor (1949) TV Episode
"Lights Out"
- The Borgia Lamp (1952) TV Episode
- The Faceless Man (1951) TV Episode
"Celanese Theatre"
- Brief Moment (1952) TV Episode
"Faith Baldwin Romance Theatre"
- Careless Love (1951) TV Episode
"The Clock"
- The Hidden Thing (1951) TV Episode
"The Ford Theatre Hour"
- Final Copy (1951) TV Episode

Max Liebman Presents: Dearest Enemy (1955) (TV) .... Captain John Copeland

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) .... Capt. Lee Crane
Return to Peyton Place (1961) .... Mike Rossi, Peyton Place High School Principal


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