Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Thanks to other sources, we have two new links in the TV Universe, but neither of them has the chops to take on the leading contender for Crossover of the Week next Monday, so I'm going to share them now.

First up, my thanks to a reader at Lost: The Tail Section for spotting a connection in 'Lost' to Stephen King's production of 'Kingdom Hospital'.

The balloon basket for "Henry Gale" had bumper stickers advertising his various sponsors for the round-the-world trip. Among them was one that added to the 'Lost' mystique - for Mr. Cluck's, where Hurley used to work.

But the other one is for Nozz-o-la Cola, a product placement straight out of King's imagination (and apparently used in several novels as well).

Pretty good stuff (the link - not sure about the cola), and in any other week it might have been top dog. But my chosen biggie is the cat's meow!

(Go to the
April Archives and scroll down for the pictorial proof of the bumper sticker.)

As for the other link, I tip my cap to the folks at TVSquad.com. An eagle-eyed viewer caught a
frame grab from 'The War At Home' on FOX last Sunday night in which the family took off on a plane trip.

Their airline? Oceanic!

Again, a really nice link as it brings 'The War At Home' into the Toobworld family officially. But it's also a case of been there, done that ('JAG', 'Diagnosis Murder', 'Alias', several TV movies).

Visit again on Monday to see what Crossover topped these two worthy contenders.....


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