Saturday, April 22, 2006


I set my magnum dopus aside back in May of 2004. Last night, I pulled out that last incarnation of the first novel, "Through The Glass Furnace" (Yes, it's a tip of the topper to Lewis Carroll, but it's also a reference to Ed Wynn.), and brought it with me to work.

I think there's enough time between me and the project so that I can go in now with a fresh outlook and being hacking away at it with editorial machete. Should I ever feel the need to club it to death, I have the mashie-niblick on stand-by.

There is a whole sub-plot which I know I can easily jettison and save to open the next installment. (I can't help it - I have a trilogy in mind!) And only now am I able to see that. I'm also going to combine two more characters to bring the DeMillian horde down.

It's an adventure set in the TV Universe; that much I can say. But it's not like fanfic at all. Well, maybe a little. There may be three or four actual TV characters, mostly obscure and never named in the book, in little more than cameo hommages more to the actors than the characters.

For the most part, however, I'm merely using the generalized conventions of the TV Universe - your basic cliches - and not taking a dump in somebody else's sandbox. I'm not as delusional as this other "Hope-less" writer who shall remain nameless (although Lee Goldberg can pretty much fix you up with that info!)

As progress is made, I'll keep you up-to-date.

So far I've finished re-reading about four chapters. (It was pretty busy at work!) And what struck me so far is something that played out for me to be a bit prescient.

There is a minor character loosely based on one of my brothers (also on a friend and a former room-mate). His character suffers from an old leg injury.

Turns out my brother ripped his Achille's tendon - near the top of the calf! - earlier this year and he went through a long rehab period for it.

Suddenly I feel like Keenan Wynn in that 'Twilight Zone' episode! Maybe I should write in a million dollars for one of the two characters based on me!


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