Friday, April 21, 2006


Sorry. There's nothing about the Mowry twins in this post.

I'm such a tease......

It's been about a month since the last episode of 'InJustice' aired, and I'm really missing it. The show served as a nice antidote to the conservative 'Law & Order', where innocent people are never wrongly convicted. It just NEVER happens in Dick Wolf's corner of Toobworld.

I don't know if 'InJustice' is off the air for good or not; whether there were any more episodes being held back or if it might be renewed for next season. (Kyle MacLachlan is now involved with 'Desperate Housewives' and Constance Zimmer at least has been attached to a pilot project. So it's unlikely the show will ever return.)

But within the block of episodes shown, there was a glimmer of hope that 'InJustice' could be linked to Toobworld at large. And this was thanks to casting and the Theory of Relateeveety.

In the episode of "Public Burning", Charlayne Woodard guest starred as a radical Catholic nun named Sister Gloria Quinn.

Brianna: I didn't know you knew the Death Row Nun.

I'm not sure if she had a national reputation as the "Death Row Nun" or if it was just in California, but it seems like it had become a specialty for her, to the exclusion of other pursuits in social work.

So based on that supposition alone, I don't think Sister Gloria Quinn could be the nun who dispensed clean needles to junkies and worked to talk hookers out of plying their trade on the streets of New York. And that's not counting the factors of a difference in location and a different name.

That nun, also played by Charlayne Woodard on at least six episodes of 'Law & Order: SVU', was named "Sister Peg".

But! - and this is well within the realm of possibility - Sister Peg and Sister Gloria Quinn could be identical twins who not only shared the same DNA, but also a faith so deep that they both took vows in an order and a need to combat social injustice.

If so, this brings 'InJustice' into the connected weave of Toobworld rather than just floating free in the void. That's because 'Law & Order: SVU' is a spin-off of 'Law & Order' which had several crossovers with 'Homicide: Life On The Street'. And that Baltimore-based procedural had at least one - maybe two - characters from 'St. Elsewhere' appearing during its run (Dr. Roxanne Turner and maybe Dr. Victor Ehrlich).

And as everyone should know by now, 'St. Elsewhere' is the great hub of the TV Universe, no matter what your interpretation of the dimension is.

So unless there has been anything in her past 'SVU' episodes to contradict this premise, then I think it can be accepted as unproven fact.

At least until the day comes when a future episode has Sister Peg declare that she was an only child.......


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