Monday, February 20, 2006


Season One of 'Slings & Arrows' ended with on opening night of 'Hamlet', after the performance. Season Two opened during the matinee on the final day of performances for the run.

So it provided a nice sense of continuity between seasons, as well giving us a chance to say goodbye not only to Luke Kirby as Jack Crew, action star and walking, talking roman a clef stand-in for Keanu Reaves, but also to Rachel MacAdams as the company ingenue Kate McNab.

It was a sweet send-off for both characters, and one can only hope that their relationship can buck the odds of the movie star lifestyle and remain strong.

Just as the first season had echoes of 'Hamlet' in its depiction of the events in the lives of its players, it looks like we'll be seeing suggestions of the Scottish Play during the sophomore year. Besides the continuing observations by Cyril and Frank on the sidelines as the stand-ins for the Shakespearean clowns, we had the appearance of a "witch" with dire predictions, the dispatching of "the king", and the hint that a certain ghost's return does murder the sleep of Geoffrey Tennant.

One nice thing about the addition of 'Lost' to the Toobworld cosmos is its practice of showing that everybody's life on the show can somehow be connected to the others via the flashbacks. Therefore, I won't feel guilty with any particular theory where I reach for that missing link to lock two shows together.

So by expanding that concept to include other shows, I'd like to think that Nathum, the Nigerian security guard (to be the doorman of the Scottish Play?) might have known Mr. Eko back in their native country. Nathum did mention that he had already seen too much of blood back in Nigeria when he protested the idea of doing that cursed play.

Based on this first episode, I feel confident that there will be no sophomore slump for 'Slings & Arrows'.


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