Monday, February 20, 2006


Since there's always such a hue and cry about TV commercials after the Super Bowl, I might as well look to one for the Crossover of the Week for a second week in a row.

Like the MasterCard/'MacGyver' ad and the Alka Seltzer/'Everybody Loves Raymond' spot, this one also links to a TV show.

In the new commercial for 7-Up Plus, we see Bree Van De Camp and Edie Britt of 'Desperate Housewives' competing as usual in a Fairview supermarket, probably just a few blocks away from Wisteria Lane.

Last year around this time, 7-Up Plus had a similar connection with 'Sex And The City' which had recently been cancelled at that time. (No such luck in this case - okay, I admit it. I don't like this show.)

With that blipvert, as with this one, only two of quartet's doyennes were featured: Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York.

Since commercials always need some kind of big payoff to make an impression on the viewer's mind after the message is imparted, they usually end with some kind of humorous image. In this case, Bree picked up the supermarket stockboy and loaded him into her shopping cart.

Where did she get the strength that would rival that of Iron Man Carmichael from 'The Lucy Show'?

Maybe it's to be found in "the plus" that she's adding to her 7-Up Plus.......

From the show's promos, it looks like there's a storyline going on right now about Bree's alcoholism.

I wonder if 7-Up Plus was aware that was coming up when they filmed the advertisement? And if so, maybe it wasn't so much of a problem, since the sub-text trumpets 7-Up Plus as a great mixer......


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