Sunday, February 19, 2006


Friday night's episode of 'InJustice' was the most searing indictment against capital punishment that I've seen since "A Trip Upstate", an episode of 'In The Heat Of The Night' which had James Gammon as the guest star.

Since 'InJustice' premiered, we've seen the idealistic lawyers and investigators of the National Justice Project ride to the rescue in the nick of time. But to maintain realism, sooner or later they had to lose a case, much like their antithetical counterpart 'Law & Order'. And sadly, this was the episode.

Chief investigator Conti has often said that if their investigations show that their client is guilty, then they drop the case and walk away.

In that pursuit of maintaining a sense of realism, I hope we get an episode in which they do just that before the season ends. I think it'll be interesting.....


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