Friday, February 17, 2006


With payday, comes two new additions to the DVD library stacks here at Toobworld Central:

"The Gambler Returns: The Luck Of The Draw"
"The Gambler V: Playing For Keeps"
[two discs]

Always thought that fourth "Gambler" movie should have discarded the "Returns" and just stuck with the numerical listing and the sub-title.

This is a two disc set which I bought for "Luck Of The Draw". It's a Crossover Extravaganza with many Western stars from the old WB stable and a few others to boot, including (for who knows why!) Mickey Rooney as a silent movie director.

Look at this round-up:
Clint Walker as Cheyenne
Gene Barry as Bat Masterson
Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick
David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine
Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain
Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain
Hugh O'Brian as Wyatt Earp
Brian Keith as Dave Blasingame aka "The Westerner"

Plus Paul Brinegar, James Drury, and Doug McClure as variations on their TV Western legends, and other historical characters like Judge Roy Bean, President Teddy Roosevelt, and Diamond Jim Brady.

One other reason it's near and dear - my friend Mary Cadorette has a small role in the two-part movie.

And speaking of Hugh O'Brian:

'The LIfe And Legend of Wyatt Earp'
[four disc set]

Subtitled "From Ellsworth To Tombstone", this is a 26 episode collection that tracks the TV history of the character right through the events that became known as "The Gunfight At OK Corral".

Until 'Deadwood' came along, I think this series did the best possible job of presenting a Western legend which hued as close to the truth as could be expected.

Hugh O'Brian stayed at my place of employ a few months ago, in town for a salute to the Marines. I never got the chance to even see him, but it's probably just as well. I'd more than likely have said something stupid about the way he mis-spells his last name.....

Speaking of 'Deadwood' and Wyatt Earp, it's been announced that Gale Harold, who starred in the USA version of 'Queer As Folk', will be playing the legendary lawman in the next season of the HBO Western.

There goes my fantasy of George Eads playing the part because of his physical resemblance to a young O'Brian....


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