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Andreas Katsulas, best known to fans as G’Kar on 'Babylon 5' and Commander Tomalak from several episodes of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', passed away this week after a battle with lung cancer. He was 59.

A St. Louis native, Katsulas moved to Los Angeles in 1986 where he quickly began to score supporting parts in a variety of popular film and television series. His turn as the one-armed man in Harrison Ford’s remake of "The Fugitive" was perhaps his biggest film, but the actor was also spotted over the years in everything from 'Alien Nation' to 'NYPD Blue' on the small screen, and "Someone to Watch Over Me" to "Executive Decision" in features.

But it was his turn as the unlikely religious disciple G’Kar on the popular sci-fi show 'Babylon 5' for which fans will most remember Katsulas.

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Katsulas' work as Ambassador G'Kar proved not only how great an actor he was, but how good a writer JMS turned out to be with 'Babylon 5'. The character started out as a stock alien villain, but grew over the course of time to have all the shadings and emotions expected in real people.

In fact, it's a quote from another classic in the genre that best sums up his skills as an actor:

Despite playing an alien lizard and hampered by a ton of latex, "of all the souls I have encountered in my travels...his was the most...human."

Both Katsulas and G'Kar will be missed.


"Babylon 5" .... G'Kar (1994-1998)
"The Guiding Light" .... Lucien Goff (1982)

Seduction: Three Tales from the 'Inner Sanctum' (1992) (TV) .... Frank
Murder Times Seven (1990) (TV) .... Marco Volatile
The Neon Empire (1989) (TV) .... Vito
Steal the Sky (1988) (TV) .... Colonel Gemayel
A Very Delicate Matter (1982) (TV) .... Zachary Pscharapolus
King of America (1982) (TV) .... Markos
Série noire (1979) .... Andreas Tikides

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1982) (TV) .... Snout
Mesure pour mesure (1979) (TV) .... Claudio

Babylon 5: The Gathering (1993) (TV) .... G'Kar
Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight (2002) (TV) .... G'Kar

Babylon 5: In the Beginning (1998) (TV) .... G'Kar
The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990) (TV) .... Kasha

Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing (1997) (TV) .... Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman

"The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"
- The Robot Spies (1997) TV Episode (voice) .... Stephano DePace

The Fugitive (1993) .... Frederick Sykes

"NYPD Blue"
- Shear Stupidity (2003) TV Episode .... Ron Szudarek
- Cogenitor (2003) TV Episode .... Vissian Captain
- Forcing the End (1999) TV Episode .... Moses Gourevitch
"Star Trek: The Next Generation"
- All Good Things (parts 1 & 2)... (1994) (TV) .... Commander Tomalak
- Future Imperfect (1990) TV Episode .... Commander Tomalak
- The Defector (1989) TV Episode .... Commander Tomalak
- The Enemy (1989) TV Episode .... Commander Tomalak
"Diagnosis Murder"
- The Plague (1994) TV Episode .... DEA Agent
"Murder, She Wrote"
- A Killing in Vegas (1991) TV Episode .... Jerry Pappas
- Deadly Encounters: Part 2 (1990) TV Episode .... Nikolai Janosch/Arno Kudriescu
- Deadly Encounters: Part 1 (????) TV Episode .... Nikolai Janosch/Arno Kudriescu
"Mancuso, FBI"
- Ahami Awry Kidnapped (1990) TV Episode
"Jake and the Fatman"
- You Turned the Tables on Me (1990) TV Episode .... Everett Ashford
"Alien Nation"
- The Game (1989) TV Episode .... Koulak
"Father Dowling Mysteries"
- The Mafia Priest Mystery: Part 1 (1989) TV Episode .... Assistant District Attorney Douglas
"Houston Knights"
- Cajun Spice (1988) TV Episode
"The Equalizer"
- Video Games (1988) TV Episode .... Warren Briggs
"Max Headroom"
- Baby Grobags (1988) TV Episode .... Mr. Bartlett
- Grossberg's Return (1987) TV Episode .... Mr. Bartlett
"Heure Simenon, L'"
- Un nouveau dans la ville (1987) TV Episode .... Le 'Yougo'

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