Thursday, December 8, 2005


Last week, the one of the producers of the FOX show 'Reunion' issued a statement addressing the issue of the series' central mystery, now that the Murdochian Suits have cancelled it.

"The events of Samantha's murder are partially reliant on characters we haven't yet met — and events we haven't yet seen. There is no way to solve the mystery of her murder without being able to complete the full arc of our story through present day.

"I greatly regret that this question, along with many others that the series has posed, will remain unsolved, and I am deeply grateful for the support of viewers who share this regret."

It's a shame that they won't at least get the satisfaction of presenting the full run of their show on some cabler or even to wrap it all up in a truncated version. This mystery will just have to hang there like the meaning of the phrase 'Coronet Blue' or the execution of Jessica Tate on 'Soap'.

And it's the network who has to take the blame. Instead of squeezing in an episode before the Dubya's untimely speech back in October, they stuck with previously scheduled 'The O.C.' which didn't rely as heavily on the seamless forward motion of its narrative. And then there's the show-killing juggernaut of the Major League Baseball playoffs and the World Series.

Unless they can guarantee a really BIG team will always be in the series, this monopoly on the baseball TV coverage will always cost FOX in ratings, ad revenue, and in the loss of TV series investments.

At least with shows like 'Wonderfalls' and 'Nowhere Man', enough episodes were produced to make a DVD boxed set worthwhile. And each of them had reasonably satisfactory conclusions so they wouldn't just be exercises in frustration. But who's going to buy the DVD equivalent to 'The Mystery Of Edwin Drood'?

But here's the thing: Inner Toob has a suggestion to help them out.

One of the show's creators should novelize either the entire run of the series, or at least the story left untold. And then a hardcover book could be sold in a package with the DVDs of the episodes that were finished for the TV show. (And speaking of Dickens, this is what they should do with a movie like 'Nicholas Nickleby' as well as with the BBC Shakespeare Series.)

Just sayin' is all. It's an idea I'm tossing out there and they're free to pick it up and run with it.


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