Wednesday, December 7, 2005


The past month has seen plenty of interesting connections between TV shows and the Internet; Toobworld and Cyberia. offered up an extended ending for an episode of 'CSI: Miaim' that really would have ramifications on the rest of the season and wasn't just an ad for the Hummer 3.

On last week, you could see two different endings for UPN's 'Veronica Mars' episode "My Mother, The Fiend". And then you could vote on which one you preferred. I'm not sure how it will affect the TV Universe because they were so radically different. I'll have to see tonight's episode to see if the alternate ending ends up getting used otherwise. (Otherwise, it was just so dark that I'd either leave it be in the Cyber Universe or transfer it over to the Evil Mirror TV Dimension.)

But those were, like the Earth itself, mostly harmless. However, it appears that there is a TV/Internet "crossover" that just might land a U.S. Senator in hot water.

Or in more hot water than he's usually in......

For awhile now, representatives and spokespeople for Rick Santorum (R-Pa) have been denying that there is any connection whatsoever between Neand-# er, Conservative senator and a third party group called "Americans For Job Security".

And yet there it is for anybody to see online - There's a TV commercial running that's sponsored by that group which shows a grandfather walking through the woods with his little grandson.

It's a sweet, wholesome, life-affirming scene....with the same actors wearing the same clothing in the same setting as can be seen in an Internet ad on Santorum's own web-site.

As far as I'm concerned, for Toobworld purposes they are the same characters and this could be considered part of the TV-Internet melding.

But as for the Real World, it could mean trouble for the Senator if it's proven his team was deliberately lying about the relationship.

Santorum's main Democratic challenger for the Senate seat next year says that the coincidence is too much to be ignored.

It was the "Crooks And Liars" blog that pointed me in the right direction for the story, but you can find more
information and the two clips at:

It's going to take a while before the politicos and their handlers finally realize that the People can't be hoodwinked any longer by their control over most of the other media outlets. That's why you'll see a renewed attack on the liberation and freedom of the Internet in the future.

Ah, but I'm just a sofa spud. What do I know?



Benju said... also has a blog "written" by Barney, that great character being played by Neil Patrick Harris on 'How I Met Your Mother'. CBS should try to crossover Barney to some of their other NYC-based sitcoms for a little ratings magic.

Actually, how many do they have now? Just 'King of Queens' and 'Still Standing', right? Wow - they really do have too many procedurals! I remember when they had a field day crossing over KoQ with 'Everybody Loves Raymond', 'Becker', and 'Cosby'.


Jaia said...

Here's another example of the alliance between the Internet and TV Land:

That's a website and a blog that's supposedly run by the serial slasher on 'Nip/Tuck'. The Carver's identity is unknown right now, but we should find out who he - or she - is in the season finale. I think that's December 20th, but don't quote me.