Saturday, October 1, 2005


There have been enough remakes of classic TV shows (And I'm NOT considering movie remakes, thank you!) to make a good showing for the alt. dimension of Earth Prime Time Delay.

Among those shows are:
'The New Gidget'
'The New Addams Family'
'Dark Shadows' (1991)
'Ed McBain's 87th Precinct' (1995)
'The New Monkees'

And now 'The Night Stalker' has moved into their neighborhood.

But those are only official residents of that alternate TV Land. Since it is a kind of mirror to the original TV Land, all of the characters from every TV show not yet remade also exist in this version of Toobworld....

We just haven't met them yet.

Dr. Thomas Reed of Winnetka, Illinois, would be one of those characters. However, he didn't even appear (Technically - he might have appeared in flashbacks.) in the main Toobworld, as he was already dead by the time of the premiere of 'Sisters', which was a show about his four daughters.

Dr. Reed had four daughters with his wife Beatrice. But his desire for a son was reflected in the names he gave his girls: Alexandra (Alex), Georgina (Georgie), Francesca (Frankie), and Theodora (Teddi).

A few years after we met the quartet of Reed Sisters, we learned that there was another Reed daughter to make it a quintet. Her name was Charlotte "Charley" Bennett, child of an extramarital relationship Dr. Reed had with his nurse.

So Tom Reed couldn't keep it in his pants. And more than likely the same could be said for his doppelganger in Earth Prime Time Delay. It's also possible that the alt. Tom Reed had more than one affair, and perhaps even an interracial relationship at that, which might have resulted in the birth of another daughter.

If so, we have a candidate for that daughter in 'The Night Stalker' - Perri Reed as played Gabrielle Union. The main reason I thought of this theory lies in her name, more her first name than the surname. And "Perri" could take its place among those other diminutives as reflecting Dr. Reed's frustration in not fathering a boy.

Until we learn otherwise about her background, ('The Night Stalker' only just premiered this past Thursday.), I'm going to hold tightly to that possibility.

Even if we should learn of or meet Perri's parents, it still could be that Momma Reed dallied with another man named Reed.

But more than anything else, a sixth daughter for the alt. dimensional doctor would definitely prove one thing......

Tom Reed has girlie sperm!


"Use your mutant powers.
Talk people to death."
Agent Seely Booth

It's like he's talking to me!

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Jaia said...

How come you don't consider another possibility for parentage in 'The Night Stalker'?

You mentioned that this new version of Carl Kolchak does keep a battered straw hat in his home...

Why couldn't it be that he keeps it as a memento of his Dad, the previous Carl Kolchak?

Okay, I admit it's hard to picture Stuart Townsend as the son of Darrin McGavin. So maybe he's the nephew and still named after him.

But if you go with this idea, you can still keep the new version of the show in your universe.