Sunday, September 25, 2005


On the fiftieth anniversary of ITV, I thought I'd write up something about.... the BBC.

Days after the final broadcast for the new 'Doctor Who' over in England, the BBC Online asked its readers for their comments about the show.

I wrote in, but I never saw my response get published. I don't think they wanted it known that somebody in the States had access to the show even though it wasn't being broadcast over here.

But here's what I sent in, submitted for your approval:

Best of all for me has been the supporting roles - from villains like Lady Cassandra to the historical figure of Dickens, fantastic new aliens like Jabe, the Jafress, the Face of Boe and Blon Slitheen.

Sure the aliens made for great visuals and they were all well-acted, but it all came down to the writing. For example, with just one short scene RTD gave us reason to sympathize with the plumber Raffalo in 'The End Of The World'. It's been weeks and I still remember her well.

Worst bit? The loss of Lady Cassandra as a recurring villain would rank up there, from one O'Brien to another.

But I think it was the loss of Gallifrey and the chance to see other Time Lords like Romana or even Susan Foreman again in one incarnation or another. But at the same time, that back history is what gave Eccleston's Doctor his wired energy I think.

And if the Daleks could survive the Time War, I suppose there's always hope for the Gallifreyans.....


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