Friday, September 30, 2005


Since the new season is only just underway, and because I spent the summer looking for possible crossovers for each of the 13 episodes of the new 'Doctor Who', the "Crossover of the Week' is actually from about three weeks ago.
Okay, a month ago.

As the late Don Adams would say, "Sorry about that, Chief."

This crossover takes place in the Tooniverse. But it does have a tie to the Cineverse as one of the shows is a television spin-off from a theatrical cartoon.

On 'Lilo & Stitch', the li'l blue alien was kidnapped by two villains normally seen on another Disney Channel 'toon, 'Kim Possible', but Dr. Drakken and Shego were working for Hamsterviel.

Having no one else to turn to, Lilo contacted Kim Possible for help. The lithe, young adventuress answered her pleas, with help from the aliens Jumba and Pleakley, as well as from Kim's friend Ron Stoppable and his pet Rufus. It didn't take long, less than half an hour coincidentally enough, for Kim and Lilo breached the underwater fortress and saved Stitch from the evil trio.

There was a sub-plot that also did a good job in intertwining the two series, as Jumba was convinced that the Naked Mole Rat was one of the dangerous experimental creatures like Stitch was.

Not being familiar with either series, I don't know if they had any previous links to other shows. But of the two, I'd say 'Kim Possible' has the best, um... possibilities.

For instance - 'Static Shock', 'Batman Begins', and 'Teen Titans', let's say.

Something for both Disney and The WB to consider.

This just in.... I've heard a rumor that this episode of 'Lilo & Stitch' ("Rufus") will be the last appearance of the character of 'Kim Possible'... at least in animated form.


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