Thursday, May 5, 2005


I haven't forgotten that I was looking around the network skeds for other shows which could feature Detective John Munch and thus raise his totals for the most crossovers in history. It's just that I found a few other things to write about each day.

But let's take a look at UPN. Again, since we're outside the playground of NBC, we should stick with just the dramas and not mess around with any of the UPN sitcoms.

And quite frankly, I don't think there are any of those in which he could make a logical appearance.

Unfortunately, it's too late for 'Enterprise', but maybe some day in the far future, we might come across a crew member with the last name of Munch.

Wouldn't it be nice to know the bloodline continued?

Anyway, I think there are two series in which Munch could show up without being too much of a stretch for plausibility.

I don't know why I like the idea of Munch in Philadelphia so much. I've never been there myself, but for some reason I think it would work; that it would make a nice fit. A conspiracy nut like Munch in the City of Brotherly Love.....

'Kevin Hill' is set there, and Munch could be called down to testify in a case, perhaps in regards to an extradition matter. But of course, this would also depend on whether or not 'Kevin Hill' gets re-upped for a sophomore season.

And the signs are not favorable......

Still, I'd just like to see Munch being forced to hold the baby for a few excruciating minutes!

A better option would be 'Veronica Mars', if only because it's been renewed for second season. Perhaps Munch and Veronica's father worked together on a case years before and it's a bit of a reunion when Munch has to fly out to Neptune for yet another extradition.

I think the by-play between Munch and Veronica might be interesting. They both have a jaundiced view of the world around them, and meeting somebody like Munch might clue Ms. Mars into seeing what she might one day become.

It could only help in getting her to lighten up!


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