Wednesday, May 4, 2005


There are three 'CSI' shows out there on CBS.

'C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigators', the original
'CSI: Miami'
'CSI: New York'

And there's 'Crossing Jordan' on NBC, about the medical examiners in Boston.

FOX has 'House, MD', which is about a diagnostician, but he did do an autopsy during one episode this year.

So I gotta wonder.....

In all those shows over the past several seasons, did any one of those medical examiners ever sing out:

"As Coroner,
I must aver,
I thoroughly examined her,
And she's not only MERELY dead,
She's really most SINCERELY dead."

If not, they should have!

Hey, it's late in the day on my version of "Friday". I'm a little loopy around this time....


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