Tuesday, May 3, 2005


I only just began reading the LiveJournal forum "Tommy Westphall's Mind". (You'll find the links over there to the left of the screen.) For crossover fans, it's a lotta fun.

And I'm now indebted to one of the readers, a crossover specialist himself known as "JohnMunch", apt appellation. In one of the bbs, he wrote:

I´m still trying to establish a Mission:Impossible connection to The Jeffersons (3-parter with Greg Morris as an unnamed electronics expert conning two crooks) and The Lucy Show (Lucy gets mis-instructions from the IMF tape voice). The 'Here's Lucy' episode was a tip of the hat to former Desilu co-production 'Mission: Impossible', and until I see otherwise, it sounds as if it could be a legitimate connection.

But it was the reference to the episodes of 'The Jeffersons' which really excited me, and which also meant I had to rewrite some of the information for the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.

Back in February, we inducted electronics expert Barney Collier, based on the two series for 'Mission: Impossible' and a supposed appearance with an alias of "Mr. Peters" on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'.

But now we have an even better addition to insure that Barney Collier belongs in the Hall of Fame for more than just the fact that this year we are following my 50th birthday mantra of "What I say, goes."

'The Jeffersons'
208. Mission: Incredible (1)
gs: Garrett Morris (Jimmy) Jason Bernard (Lloyd Tyndall) Stefan Gierasch (Allan West) Peter Iacangelo (Police Officer) Greg Morris (Jimmy's Cousin)
George has a reunion with some old navy buddies and the fact that Tom has become so gullible becomes a topic of discussion. This leads his old pals to talk him into playing a little con game on Tom to teach him a lesson. However, the con becomes a little to real when George's old pals, Lloyd and Allan make off with $15,000 of Tom's money. Tom fears that Helen will divorce him if she finds out since this was money which was to be used for a down payment on a house that has come up on the market.
b: 02-Oct-1983 pc: 1003 w: Michael Moye d: Oz Scott

209. Mission: Incredible (2)
gs: Garrett Morris (Jimmy) Jason Bernard (Lloyd Tyndall) Stefan Gierasch (Allan West) Greg Morris (Jimmy's Cousin)

A furious Tom almost kills George when he learns he's been hustled out of $15,000, money that he had planned to use to make a down payment on a house. George calls in Jimmy to help him get Tom's money back. Jimmy talks George and Tom into flying out to Los Angeles, where Lloyd and Allan have fled. Once there, they meet Jimmy's cousin, a crafty man who has a well planned out way of getting Tom's money back. Meanwhile, Florence, who knows what George and Tom are up too, tells Louise and Helen and they rush to Los Angeles.
b: 03-Oct-1983 pc: 1004 w: Michael Moye d: Oz Scott

210. Mission: Incredible (3)
gs: Garrett Morris (Jimmy) Jason Bernard (Lloyd Tyndall) Stefan Gierasch (Allan West) Greg Morris (Jimmy's Cousin) Jimmy's cousin puts his plan into effect which includes getting Lloyd and Allan to believe that Los Angeles is going to be hit by a military attack from a neighboring country. However, the plan could be ruined when Louise, Helen and Florence arrive in Los Angeles.
b: 09-Oct-1983 pc: 1005 w: Michael Moye d: Oz Scott

Why don't we ever learn what Jimmy's cousin's name is? As a possible reason from behind the scenes and outside the inner reality of Toobworld, the creators of this show wanted us to think that he was indeed Barney Collier as played by Greg Morris. But because of legal restrictions, obviously they couldn't come right out and say so.

But so far as I'm concerned, Jimmy's cousin was indeed Barney Collier and thus we have not only an extra addition to Barney's credits for the Hall of Fame, but also a fantastic link to the main body of Toobworld for 'Mission: Impossible'. We already had 'Diagnosis Murder' as well, but this is gravy on the cake.

Um.... something like that.....


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