Friday, May 13, 2005



Like Sammy Davis Jr. showing up at 'Archie Bunker's Place', or Edith Head giving 'Columbo' an extreme makeover, George Lucas crossed over to the Toob Side, from the Real World to TV Land.

In last night's episode of the 'O.C.', the "Star Wars" creator somehow got hold of the comic book created by Seth, Zach, and Reed. And apparently he liked it so much that he wanted to produce it as his next movie.

The only problem was... he was going to be in town only the one night to discuss the matter, and that was the same night as the Harbor High prom. (Obviously Lucas was employing a Jedi mind trick on them - such an ultimatum wouldn't give them any time to consult a lawyer or even get an agent!)

One would think that any fanboy geek would jump at the chance. But a true fanboy geek would also remember how Darth Lucas butchered Steve Gerber's comic book creation of 'Howard The Duck'.

Anyway, a coin toss determined that Seth would go with Reed to meet with Lucas and Zach would go to the prom with Summer. Before the night was through, they traded places, and more than likely this game of musical chumps probably soured George Lucas on the whole deal.

For all I know, he then flew East to Pittsburgh in order to make a deal with Michael Novotny for his comic book. ('Queer As Folk')

It's just as well. Lucas admitted that he didn't even go to his senior prom. He stayed home and spent the time "being creative". (I had a different euphemism for that activity back in high school.)

He also said that he spent the time creating Jar Jar Binks. Eyuuurgh! Who'd want to go into business with a guy like that????


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