Thursday, May 12, 2005


The true fans of 'Lost' bend their brain waves towards every possible permutation of the information we've been given over this first season.

Here's an example, from the forum at the official 'Lost' site, "The Fuselage":

Maybe we will get a Vincent flashback, how he was traumatized as a pupply. He was trapped in a cardboard box, shipped to Canada, narrowly escaped a fire in a shoe factory, snuck aboard a ship that docked in Australia, befriended a pregnant girl but fled when he saw a man shoot this guy in a shrimp shack, then came to live with a young boy who seemed to be special and then the woman of the house suddenly died and he was stuck in a box again and put on a plane that crashed.

guess I could be reaching :D

- Kermeeet

Maybe not, Kermeeet. You're not the only one who has fantasies about which way 'Lost' should go. And many of them involve other TV shows.

This particular "Lost in thought" happened while a couple of guys at were talking about the Super Bowl:

PM: Now there’s an innovation: Sleestack-cam!
SL: With Enik reporting from the sidelines.
PM: “Chaka turnover, no!”
SL: “Let’s go to the sleestack for his analysis. Sleestack?” “Hissssss, hissssss, hissssssssss.”
JS: Remind me to tell you my theory about Lost sometime — that it’s secretly a remake of The Land of the Lost and that the monster in the jungle is a Sleestak.
LS: That would explain so much.


And then there were these two comments from a 'Lost' forum over at LiveJournal:

It makes me think of Angel, where Jasmine is born as an adult. Cordelia ends up in a coma because of it, though. I'd really rather not see Claire have the same fate. ;)

- latara
No no, the rumour is ANYA might be on Lost. *squees* I hope so! Yay Emma Caulfield and fandom crossovers! :-D
- tigereyed24

Lost_TV@Live Journal

As for me, I'm hoping we'll someday see there's a connection to 'Chicago Hope', since we just learned that Kate's real last name is "Austin".

Paging Christine Lahti!


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