Thursday, April 21, 2005


When I posted to the Inner Toob on Monday morning, I threw in a shout-out to Lee Goldberg, producer and writer for 'Diagnosis Murder' and many other shows. He's also the author of the current series of novels based on 'DM', and has just announced he will be writing a series of novels based on 'Monk' as well.

Lee Goldberg also contacted me with some nice words about the blog.

I thought of him while writing about the Crossover of the Week between two 'Law & Order' shows, because 'Diagnosis Murder' was such a great series for TV crossovers. Spun off from 'Jake And The Fatman', 'DM' also crossed paths with Joe 'Mannix', Ben 'Matlock', and Cinnamon Carter of 'Mission: Impossible'. So that show was a natural when thinking about crossing Detective John Munch over to other shows.

But that tossed-off salute to Mr. Goldberg got me thinking about what shows currently on the air would be good places for an appearance by the "Munchkin". He's already covered every corner of Dick Wolf's 'Law & Order' franchise, and if any more shows join the line-up, he could appear on those in his sleep.

I'm a firm believer in Television Without Borders, and what Richard Belzer would need now to secure his position for posterity would be to stretch beyond his own bailiwick. Not just crime dramas, but sitcoms as well; and not only on NBC but the other networks as well.

Munch is the perfect standard bearer for the foray around the dial. After all, he did it twice already - on FOX ('The X-Files') and on UPN ('The Beat'). But we'll start off (and finish up) this list in his own backyard, with NBC shows.

So let me put on my thunkin' cap and come up with a few more possibilities for Munch to conquer as the Crossover King....

As Cousin Steve would say: "To be continued!"


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