Saturday, April 23, 2005


If NBC let Detective Munch go play outside its own sandbox, there would have to be extraordinary circumstances involved. And I think the case could be made that that's what determined the two times Munch was off-network.

With 'The Beat' on UPN, the splainin is fairly simple. Tom Fontana's company produced the show about uniformed cops in NYC, and even though Munch's original series ('Homicide') had folded and he's now involved with Dick Wolf's Wonderful World of 'Law & Order', the Munchkin still falls under Fontana's dominion.

As for 'The X-Files', I think it came down to a business decision. 'Homicide' had buzz, but not enough. It seemed like it was always dancing on the verge of cancellation.

But 'The X-Files' had HEAT. And even though Chris Carter's show was on FOX, NBC must have realized that they could only benefit if an 'H:LOTS' character was seen on such a water-cooler show.

Too bad CBS' Eye couldn't see it that way when it came to a proposed crossover between 'The X-Files' and their own 'Picket Fences'.

So even though we played fast and loose with the crossover concept when it came to NBC shows - comedies as well as dramas, - we'll have to narrow the focus when it comes to the other networks: Dramas only, cop shows preferably, and always to the advantage of John Munch and/or NBC.

Sorry, we have to exclude it. Dubya's not the President of those United States, so it's not Earth Prime Time where Munch lives.

'The O.C.'
Puh-leeze! Maybe - Maybe! - only if Seth went to NYC to track down a really are comic book, only to find that Munch snapped it up first.

Otherwise, the image of Munch on the O.C.'s beaches would make this man in black his own alien sighting.

'Jonny Zero'
Sorry. Never saw it. And I get this feeling I'm not alone in that.....

This is the only show that would have definite possibilities. Richard Belzer and Hugh Laurie as Detective Munch and Doctor House respectively - two men soured on Life, with cynical, acerbic dispositions..... Who wouldn't want to ee them come into contact with each other?

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Besides, if the episode turned out to be an expose on what makes two such mysoginists tick, I have the perfect title:


Well..... I thought it was funny.....


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