Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Although I was specifically looking for crossovers in the Super Bowl commercials, some of them struck me for their potential or just hit me funny.

The blipvert for the Ford Mustang 2005 convertible - This had the spooky aura of an opening sequence for 'The X-Files'. The cop approaches a car at a stop light in the middle of nowhere during an hellacious snowstorm.

The guy at the wheel is dressed for a Beach Boys video, not for the movie "Fargo". And he's frozen solid; his skin is like glazed porcelain.The voiceover warns that this is why convertibles are not introduced in the winter.

But was it the frigid temperatures that did the guy in? Maybe it was an alien attack or an experiment by the government gone wrong.

I saw the commercial several times over and it still creeped me out.

The one that I found to be gut-wrenchingly funny was for Ameriquest, who do something with mortgages.

A guy is making dinner before his wife gets home, but while he's chopping the scallions, their white fluffy cat spills the spaghetti sauce all over the floor and then gets itself smeared in it.

The guy picks up the cat by the scruff of the neck with one hand (now getting the sauce all over the front of his white shirt) while holding the big knife in the other.

And that's when the Missus comes home.

The moral: "Don't judge too quickly. We don't."

It didn't serve its intended purpose to get me to learn more about the company (I've got nothing to mortgage anyway - soul? What soul?), but it certainly went straight to my level of funny business.


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