Monday, February 7, 2005


All of these so-called "reality" shows last a lot longer than fifteen minutes, and yet the people who appear on them refuse to leave the spotlight when their fame should have already flamed out.

One of the latest examples is that of John Willenborg, who was a contestant on the second edition of 'The Apprentice'. And although the man with the alien hair follicles atop his head sent him scurrying from the boardroom, Willenborg has found new on-air life as a field reporter for 'NASCAR Nation' on the Speed Channel.

Better to stick with a non-fictional setting, at least; he can't harm too many tele-folks there. Let these "reality" personalities infeSt their own corner of the TV Universe; I'm not keen on seeing them showing up as fictional versions of themselves in the many sitcoms and dramas around the dial.

But as Dennis Miller used to say, that's my opinion. I may be wrong.


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