Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Back when I was still running my Tubeworld Dynamic website, (thank you, thank you), I did a spoof report on the new version of 'The Weber Show', which would be all about the alien invasion of Dalek-like robots who lived among us disguised as barbeque grills.

Even had a few nice shots from TV sitcoms with those evil red round jobs lurking in the background.

So it was a kick in the head to see that Dunkin' Donuts splurged with their advertising bucks to carry that idea further. They were introducing their new grilled steak breakfast sandwich with the proposal that we should all have those sandwiches in the morning and let our grills have the day off.

Even though it's the middle of winter, the blipvert was geared to summery images of grills enjoying their new-found freedom. They were out fishing, hanging by the pool, water-skiing, swinging on tire swings, and lolling in hammocks.

But if any of them were plotting the eventual overthrow and subjugation of humanity, we weren't privy to their diabolical plans......

I think we've got the basis for Jack Bauer's next '24' hour cycle!


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