Saturday, September 4, 2004


The answer, my friend, is Retton on the airwaves.

Riding the coat-tails of this year's Olympics, Mary Lou Retton is appearing in a gymnastic-themed commercial with the Sprint PCS technomage. For the 1984 Olympic gold medal winner in gymnastics, this is just another notch to her belt for Toobworld appearances as herself. Mary Lou's already well qualified for eventual inclusion in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame in the "Reali-TV" section.

Mary Lou Retton appeared on the following shows as herself:

'Knots Landing'
'Dream On'
'Buddy Faro'

She's also the host of 'Flip Flop Shop' on PBS, and she made scads of talk show appearances. And of course there are all of those sports programs in which she competed.

So appearing in commercials gives her a well-rounded presence in Toobworld. All she needs now is a cartoon appearance!

And the Sprint PCS ad isn't her only blipvert. Ever since she won gold at the 1984 Olympics, Mary Lou Retton has also appeared in commercials for:

ReMax Realtors
Lipton's Sizzle 'n' Stir

So here's to you, Mary Lou! When Larry Sanders issued the edict of "No flipping!", he certainly didn't mean you!


"Sorry, Big Guy. But Lou-Mary just didn't sound right."- Ted Baxter ('The Mary Tlyer Moore Show')

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