Friday, September 3, 2004


'Father of the Pride' opened to great ratings, despite all of the negative buzz over the summer (and probably because of it).

I'm still not sure where it will eventually end up in the TV multiverse; most likely in the Tooniverse where intelligent animals live side by side with humans.

Or, because of the appearance by a computer-generated Siegfried & Roy and Matt Lauer, and because of the overall look of the animation, I'm half-tempted to shove the whole shebang into the universe where 'Davy and Goliath', 'Gumby and Pokey', 'Mike & Gary', and all the Superanimation puppets of Gerry Anderson reside.

But no matter where this show ends up, 'Father of the Pride' will definitely be doing a crossover with the movie universe when Donkey of the 'Shrek' franchise appears in an upcoming episode.

Donkey has also appeared in commercials for Dial Soap, Baskin-Robbins, M&Ms, Hewlett Packard, and Burger King..... even the United States Post Office! So has Shrek his own self, but adding a sitcom to his credits pushes Donkey into the lead for eventual inclusion in the Crossover Hall of Fame.

(still hand-drawn)

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