Thursday, September 2, 2004


Lifetime, the television network for women, is hoping that its medical drama 'Strong Medicine' will be able to spin off another show. Towards that end, Tammy Ader and Lisa Melamed are writing the script for the pilot which will be called 'First Response'. Once filmed, it will then air as an episode of 'Strong Medicine' later this season.

'First Response' will focus on a paramedic and a trauma surgeon who are also sisters. Both of them were adopted; the surgeon is black and the paramedic is white.

As I typed up this story, I suddenly remembered that my friend (and "twin sister") Shirley Jordan was going to appear in the August 22nd episode of 'Strong Medicine'.

Sorry, Shirls; I'll have to catch it on the rerun.

I hope all who read this entry will also make the effort to catch it as well.


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