Thursday, September 16, 2004


I've been getting a lot of nice comments in emails from friends who've perused the Toob's World blog since I got it up and running. I thought I'd share a few with you....

Re: My return as a presence on the Internet with my Toobworld musings
Glad you are back and running. I love reading your work.
Love ya,Mayr
Hey Toby, Congratulations! You finally got a blog. Way to go. Remember, when you become famous, I knew you when!
- R
I've been enjoying perusing your Blog. You definitely are king of that aspect of tubeworld (the mythical president search, where it's an alternate dimension within tubeworld).

It reminds me of the old DC Comics Multiverse (which is where my planned title, Crisis on Infinite Series, will come from if I ever get any of my thoughts on all this written down.)

I am enjoying your writing and grateful I get to read it again.
- Hugh
Good piece, Toby.
- Ivy
(Gee, I hope she doesn't think I'm wearing a toup!)
Re: My appearance in David Bianculli's TV column in the New York Daily News
Congrats on the flattering mention of you in the Daily News!
- Nora Lee
Your Monk comment (you so famous!) made me think of a very badly timed commercial during the original airing of "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" on 'the X-Files' - It seems the killer of the piece was starring in a MD lottery ad that aired in the commercial break just as he was "discovered" in the episode. Truly boggling...
- Lee
Meant to also salute Toby on his achievement of being celebrated as the #1 go-to Extra guy for the Daily News
- Herby from Derby
Re: The 'One Life To Live'/'All My Children' baby-switch crossover
I ran into one of the cast of OLTL, and she told me stuff that is going to happen. It will be getting VERY complicated!
- Mayr
Re: The TV Guide Fall Preview
I just had a chance to look at your BLOG and I read the entry FALL OUT with interest.

I, too, love the fall and the TV GUIDE Fall Preview. But I agree, that years ago the issues were better planned and had nicer and more creative layouts and pictures.

For [the] last 5 to 10 years, they seem to be using the same old lame format. It's tiring and it also doesn't offer a lot of information on the shows, at least the stuff I look for. Sometimes a show summary can leave out stuff like what city the show is based. That bugs me.
- JHolst
TV ACRES webmaster
Re: the occasional requests for help
It was my belief that the lovable R. Belzer's Munch (from Homocide) is the most crossed-over character [and one of the longest running by this point] in TV history with something like 7 shows to his credit (many of them seemingly unrelated i.e. X-Files).
- Lee

As far as he is now the most crossed-over (as per number of different series), that's true. As per number of episodes, I think Frank Cady as Sam Drucker may still be the king, but Munch has to be catching up fast.
Somewhere around here I have the total for Mr. Drucker - so many for Petticoat Junction, so many for Green Acres, 11 for Beverly Hillbillies, and the reunion movie for Green Acres.

I saw something about the Soup Nazi appearing on another series. Do you know if the actor truly played that character, or just one similar? I know Seinfeld was always resistant to the crossovers, even though he got co-opted in other ways by other shows.
- Hugh

From what I gather, not having seen this particular episode, Larry Thomas played himself/Soup Nazi in an episode of 'Scrubs'. Knowing the format for that sitcom, I'm thinking he appeared in a daydream sequence for JD......
Even if it's not through my blog, I still engage in some interesting online conversations, - deep, thought-provoking discussions - about the TV Universe

Tim: Betty Rubble is hot and, in real life, would’ve never settled for [a] doofus like Barney.
Toby: Ah, but you fail to take into account the fact that Barney carried a humongous club and Betty wasn't going to let that end up in some other woman's cave.
Nudge nudge wink wink yabba dabba doo!
The fact that this "club" fired blanks was ameliorated by the near-magical arrival of the alien child they would raise by the name of Bamm Bamm.
Bamm Bamm's arrival was seen as being due to a wish upon a fallen star. My take is that it may have been a space vessel similar to the Kryptonian ship that brought Kal-El to our world ages later.
I have to go lie down now.....
Tim: Yeah...but Barney still looked like someone had wrapped a fur rug around a fireplug and stuck a blonde toupee on top.
And did you know that Flintstones vitamins have never had a Betty character? They've got Dino, they've got the freakin' CAR, but they left out the most succulent character...
uh-oh, now I have to lie down.
And then there's my sister/godchild, who's just too lazy to use a TV Guide.......
hey tobe
are there any football games scheduled for sunday?
- Leah


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