Thursday, September 16, 2004


Johnny Ramone, the lead guitarist with the influential U.S. punk rock band the Ramones, died on Wednesday after a five-year battle with prostate cancer, a long-time associate told Reuters.

Ramone, 55, who was born John Cummings, died in his sleep at his Los Angeles home on Wednesday afternoon, said Arturo Vega, the Ramones' creative director.

Back in the early 1990s, the Ramones performed at the birthday party for Montgomery Burns. Because of their professed loathing for Springfield and everyone in it, Burns demanded that the band be destroyed. Even though he misidentified the Ramones as the Rolling Stones, apparently Monty Burns will eventually be getting his wish.
('The Simpsons')

Their last public appearance together as a group in the TV Universe was at a street fair performance on Staten Island in January of 2001.
('Grounded For Life')

Sadly, lead singer Joey Ramone passed away from cancer less than two months after that. DeeDee passed away as well, leaving only Tommy now of the original quartet.

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"I just wonder if there really is a life after death. And if there is, do you think everyone is invited?"
- Jessica Tate

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