Tuesday, August 20, 2019


This great picture from ‘Maverick’ was colorized by Sharon Viljoen and the character is NOT Bart Maverick.  It’s Rod Claxton and he’ll be the topic of our Two For Tuesday post.  Along with Bart….
I’ve often called upon my concept of tele-genetics in the past to explain how characters can share the same looks.  In Toobworld, the combination patterns of DNA can often be repeated, unlike in the Real World.  This is how fathers and sons or grandfathers and grandsons (sometimes mothers and daughters as well) can look exactly alike with just the difference caused by age.
In the past I brought up this topic but it brought me no joy – that Bart Maverick was not the blood relation son of Beauregard “Pappy” Maverick and that he was only the half-brother of Bret Maverick… which would mean that their mother had cheated on Pappy at one time.  Pappy seems to be a shrewd fellow; I’m sure he knew Bart wasn’t his, yet he raised the boy as his own.  Bret may not have ever found out the truth.

We wouldn’t have to look too far for the scoundrel who cuckolded Pappy – it would have been his own brother, Bentley.  Just as Bret was the spitting image of Pappy, Bart looked just like Uncle Bent.
Earlier this month I set up the premise that Bart Maverick dallied with several of the ladies he met in his travels through the wild, wild West.  And from those short-lived unions, the family trees for several TV characters played by Jack Kelly were planted.

I don’t think the apple fell far from that particular family tree.  I believe Mrs. Maverick, his own sister-in-law, was not the only woman Bentley Maverick had a rendezvous with.
If there wasn’t a woman with either the married name or maiden name of Claxton among Bentley’s conquests, than it could be a notorious outlaw was using the alias of “Rod Claxton” as his name.  Whatever his true name was, he was the son of Bentley Maverick.

(Doesn’t that sound like it should be the title of an episode from a Quinn Martin production?)

From the IMDb:
On his way to Cheyenne, Bart happens upon a man who was just in a gun battle and helps him and buries another. When the Army shows up, he's arrested and mistaken for a wanted man -- someone who the man he just befriended knows very well. 

Bart Maverick eventually faced off against his half-brother without even knowing they were related and not just incredible look-a-likes.

Luckily for him, the decision of their fates was taken out of his hands…..

My apologies to those who dislike that notion that Bret’s sainted mother could have cheated on Pappy.  But it’s a splainin that best serves the Toobworld Dynamic….

Happy Trails!

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