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From the IMDb: After falling prey to a con game involving a diamond necklace, Bart ends up in a jail cell with an old but treacherous outlaw. With the help of his son, the cell mate breaks out but leaves Bart behind. After being released, Bart plots to recover his loss from the con with help from the outlaw's son and friends.  Bart plans to split the recovery with the son, but the elder outlaw has other plans.  
Theory of relateeveety - 
Once Lawrence Deville and his wife Lana Cane got the necklace back, they decided to go back East, where they figured Life would be somewhat safer even if they were living the life of confidence tricksters.  They settled in Port Charles, NY, on the shores of the St. Lawrence Seaway and there they raised a family, two daughters, one of whom married a man named Baldwin.  That union led to a grandson being born in 1920 by the name of Lee Baldwin.  'GENERAL HOSPITAL'
From Wikipedia: Lee Baldwin is a fictional character on the daytime dramas 'General Hospital' and 'Port Charles'. Ross Elliott originated the role on 'General Hospital' in 1963. Peter Hansen inherited the role in 1965 and played it until 1986 and again from 1989 to 1990 before returning permanently from 1992 to 2004. Lee Baldwin is the adoptive father of Scott Baldwin.
A recovering alcoholic, Lee [Baldwin] was a pillar in the community and had a thriving law practice.   At Scotty's encouragement, Lee ran for Mayor in 1983, and his opponent was Luke Spencer, the man who ruined Scotty and Laura's marriage. Scotty was managing Lee's campaign and using smear tactics to discredit Luke. Scotty even threatened to expose Luke's sister's past as a prostitute to get him to drop out of the race. When Lee found out what Scotty was up to, Lee fired Scotty and Scotty left town. Luke won the election, and in a surprise move, asked Lee to serve as his Deputy Mayor, an appointment that Lee accepted. After Laura was revealed to be alive, Luke resigned and Lee took over, serving until the 2-year term of Mayor expired in December of 1985 and [then left] town with Gail to travel.  
They returned to town for good in 1992 and supported Scotty when he married Dominique Taub who was dying. They were present at his wedding to Katherine Bell in late 1983 which was broken off when Lucy Coe revealed lies about Katherine's past. Scott left town shortly afterwards.  Lee and Gail were surprised to learn they were grandparents, when it was revealed in 1994 that Scott fathered high school graduate Karen Wexler with his secretary Rhonda Wexler when he was a law student.  
Lee worried his loved ones in 1999 when he suffered a pulmonary embolism that nearly claimed his life, but with the love and support of his family rallying around him, Lee pulled through and [went] back to being a vital part of Port Charles.  The sources of joy for Lee were his beloved wife Gail and granddaughter, Serena. Highly respected by everyone in the community, Lee always came down on the right side of the Law.  On July 13, 2017, Lucy [Coe] came to Scott to report Lee's passing.
O'Bservation - There is one point of televisiology in all of that about Lee Baldwin that must be addressed - that from his birth in 1921 until 1965, he looked like somebody else.
The original actor in the role was Ross Elliott, perhaps best known for playing Sheriff Mark Abbott on ‘The Virginian’.  But in the ‘Maverick’ episode “The White Widow” he appeared as Mayor Ben Cosgrove (town unknown.)  I think it best to keep this all central to ‘Maverick’, so I’m going to make the claim that Lana Cane and Ben Cosgrove were siblings, which introduced their shared their shared genetics into the mix with those of her husband Lawrence Deville to produce the mother of Lee Baldwin.
When Lee was born, he favored his great-uncle Ben in looks and may have continued to do so had it not been for an unfortunate accident in 1965 which “somehow” was never broadcast to the audience viewing in the Trueniverse.  [Funny how that sort of thing happens.  It left him seriously disfigured.] Off-screen, Lee underwent plastic surgery to fix the damage.  The plastic surgeon followed the basic contours of his face which were so structured that he could have looked like his great uncle or his grandfather depending on the surgeon’s technique with the scalpel.  As it turned out, with his new face Lee Baldwin now looked like his grandfather, Lawrence Deville. Another Recastaway Zonk disabled! Happy Trails!

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